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Equi-Basin water reservoir

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Equi-Basin: Large-scale Water Storage System

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Discover the robustness and functionality of Equi-Basin, your ideal solution for large-scale water storage. Whether you choose installation on a concrete floor with anchoring or installation in the earth, Equi-Basin offers flexibility and durability in every design.

With capacities ranging from 4m³ to 3800m³, the Equi-Basin adapts to your specific needs. It is equipped with a custom pre-welded Equi-flex HDFPE membrane and geotextile protection for the wall and bottom, ensuring long-term reliability.

Prevent algae formation with the innovative equi-float or opt for an economical cover for smaller basins. The choice of a lateral transit system in PVC or metal or a pre-welded bottom transit in the Equi-Flex offers further personalization.

Each Equi-Basin can be coated in a RAL color of your choice, making it fit seamlessly into your environment. The self-assembly kits come with a handy manual, so that installation is simple and efficient.


  • Equi-Bassin: Choice of different sizes and capacities.
  • Metal Silo: Galvanized metal silo, part of the Equi-Bassin.
  • Equi-flex HDFPE Membrane: Pre-welded, including geotextile for wall and bottom protection.
  • Anchoring materials: For installation on concrete floors.
  • Exits: Options for lateral transit systems in PVC or metal, or pre-welded bottom transit.
  • Equi-Float or Cover: Algae prevention solutions.
  • RAL color coating: Available for personalization.
    Installation manual: For self-assembly and installation.

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