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Elevage Des Cédres Verts


Elevage Des Cedres Verts

60 x 40 meters

About the customer

At Elevage Des Cédres Verts, Agathe Briet breeds jumping horses and offers training facilities for ambitious riders.

About this project

Agathe Briet is a passionate breeder of jumping horses. Her modern horse farm is the ideal base for ambitious riders who want to stable and train their horses in complete comfort. A top accommodation is therefore a real must for her. When she decided to go for a new professional track, Agathe knew almost immediately that she would choose an ebb and flow arena. So she went looking for a real specialist in the field and soon ended up at Equi-P. Because we find it extremely important to work pleasantly with our customers and set high standards for the projects we deliver, she agreed with us with conviction. We took care of the entire construction of the track for her, from A to Z.

Bourghelles eb en vloed piste
Bourghelles eb en vloed piste