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Sand and geotextile

zand en geotextiel
Geotextiel wit + 10% fibers - Equi-P Geotextiel

Sand and geotextile

Not only can we help you with an ebb and flow system, but we also have filter sand, adapted arena sand (top layer) and geotextile (with 10% fibres) in our range.

For the top layer we choose Equi-Pro: exclusive sand from France that is perfectly suited for horse floors due to its properties. In addition, our drainage mixtures have been tried and tested for many years.

Overwhelmed by the range of sands on the market? We are happy to help you interpret technical data sheets, both from our own range and from other compositio

The advantages


Only high-quality raw materials

Whether or not supplemented with white clay

With or without geotextile

Quality sand for your track

The choice of the right sand for your top and filter layer of your horse arena is of the utmost importance. After all, that offers the longest guarantee of proper functioning of your soil. We are happy to search together with you.

The optimum effectiveness of the sand depends on the grain size and grain shape. Moreover, we can further optimize it by adding additives (geotextile, polyflakes, geopad) or mixing various equestrian sands.

We only work with high quality Belgian, Dutch and French equestrian sands. For example, we have a daily supply of Equi-Pro: French quartz sand reinforced with white clay. This sand is very colourfast, has a grain size of 100 microns and also gives a large volume due to its low humidity when delivered. Exclusively available through Equi-P!

Our geotextile

If you opt for a sand combined with textile fibers, we will supply a very fine product with 10% fibers and a beautiful white colour. In combination with our high-quality piste sand, you only need 1.5 kg per square meter.