Sand and geotextiles
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Not only can we help you with an ebb and flow system but we also have filter sand, modified arena sand (top layer) and geotextile (with 10% fibers) in the range. For the top layer, we choose Equi-Pro: exclusive sand from France whose properties make it perfect for equine soils. In addition, our drainage mixes have been tried and tested for many years. Overwhelmed by the range of sand types on the market? We are happy to help you interpret technical data sheets, both from our own offering and from other compositions.


- Tailor-made
- Only high quality ingredients
- Whether or not supplemented with white clay
- With or without geotextile

Quality sand for your arena

Choosing the right sand for your horse arena's top and filter layer is of the utmost importance. This is to ensure longevity and proper functioning of your surface. We are happy to help you find the right sand.

The optimum effectiveness of the sand depends on the grain size and shape. And to optimize it further we can include additives (such as geotextile, polyflakes, geopad) or mix various types of sand.

We only work with high quality Belgian, Dutch, and French equestrian sand types. For example, we have a daily supply of Equi-Pro which is a French quartz sand reinforced with white clay. This sand is very colorfast, has a grain size of 100 microns and also gives a large volume due to its low humidity when delivered. Exclusively available through Equi-P!


Our geotextiles

If you opt for a sand combined with textile fibers, we deliver a very fine product with 10% fibers and an appealing white color. When used in conjunction with our qualitative paving sand, you will only need 1.5 kg per square meter.


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