Ebb and Flow arenas
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Riders who value their horse's comfort and want to train all year round need a riding surface that always lies perfectly. Our absolute recommendation? An ebb and flow system where the moisture content of the surface is automatically controlled through an underground system.


- Constantly supportive and even surface
- Automatic watering and drainage
- Low-maintenance
- No windblown sand
- Limited water consumption
- Recovery of excess water

Why choose an Ebb and Flow arena?

The perfect arena footing needs to not be either too firm or too soft. Only by finding the ideal balance can a riding arena optimally support the joints and tendons of horses. An optimum surface can be achieved by choosing an expertly constructed arena with the right sand and a reliable system for controlling the moisture content of the sand.
Traditionally, riders looking for quality have a choice between an equestrian arena with sprinkler system or a surface with an Ebb and Flow system. At Equi-P, we have specialized in Ebb and Flow systems for many years. We are 100% convinced that these riding arenas are the most attractive in terms of price and quality. Moreover, we have a very solid, unique system that we have completely perfected over the years.

How does an Ebb and Flow arena work?

An Ebb and Flow system differs from a traditional arena with sprinklers in that the surface moisture is regulated using an underground drainage system. Excess water is drained into a well and circulated throughout the arena when it is too dry. During extremely dry periods the arena can also be moistened by topping up the Ebb and Flow system with additional water.

A good Ebb and Flow riding surface combines high-quality materials with professional installation and technology. After all, it is the sum of many parts:

  • A waterproof foil
  • A drainage circuit
  • An Ebb and Flow system
  • Drainage sand
  • A top layer (sand or mix of sand with geotextile)
  • Finishing materials (coping stone, fence, etc.)

The unique Equi-P system

Ebb and Flow arenas have become extremely popular in recent years. However we see a big difference in terms of quality. Equi-P has developed its own system which is extremely robust and therefore provides years of riding pleasure.

Our strengths

  • Our High Density FPP foil (Equi-flex of 0.6 mm) with high mechanical tensile strength and watertightness (as opposed to Low Density LDPE or PVC foil) is supplied in one piece no matter how big your arena is
  • A unique Ebb and Flow system, adapted to your arena, with a water supply and drainage flow that operates completely with minimal electricity
  • A durable and powerful drainage system with carefully compiled drainage sand
  • A top layer that is always of high quality and tailored to the customer's needs

Thanks to the craftsmanship and the high-quality materials of Equi-P, your arena is a durable investment that you can enjoy for a lifetime.

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