Les Ecuries d’Armelle in Agris

About the client

Rémi Palesi trains promising show jumpers. At his equestrian complex Les Ecuries d'Armelle, he also stables boarding horses for ambitious riders.

About this project

Les Ecuries d'Armelle is a popular competition venue for jumpers. Those who do not have their own stables can accommodate their horses there in comfort. The facilities there are very extensive to please even the most demanding horse owner. Therefore, an Ebb and Flow track from Equi-P was an absolute must for the operators.

Features of this arena

Customer: Les Ecuries d'Armelle
Location: Agris
Project type: Full construction
Area:55 x 85 meters
Top layer: Equi-Pro Fibre
System: Ebb and Flow
Les Ecuries d’Armelle

This is what Les Ecuries d’Armelle, says about the collaboration with Equi-P

Rémi Palesi
Equi-P's team consists of true professionals, highly knowledgeable, who advise us well. They always have a solution ready for problems that may arise on large equestrian complexes - such as ours.
Rémi Palesi
Les Ecuries d'Armelle

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