An-Sofie Coevoet in Krombeke

About the client

An-Sofie Coevoet is a professional eventing amazon who is part of the Belgian national team (high potentials)

About this project

Eventing talent An-Sofie Coevoet called on Equi-P for the construction of a new, professional ebb and flow arena. She chose an ebb and flow system because it is efficient and easy to manage. Additionally, she clearly indicated that quality was paramount to her and was convinced of our unique system. She took charge of the construction herself, while we assisted her with advice, selection and delivery of all necessary materials and the necessary guidance. Moreover, the fact that she could build the track herself ensured that the price tag remained realistic and without having to compromise on durability and quality.

Features of this arena

Customer: An-Sofie Coevoet
Location: Krombeke
Project type: Self-build kit
Area:28 x 60 meters
Top layer: Equi-Pro
System: Ebb and flow piste
An-Sofie Coevoet

This is what An-Sofie Coevoet, says about the collaboration with Equi-P

An-Sofie Coevoet
We are very satisfied with the service of Equi-P, from advice on installation to deeper explanation on certain techniques, we could easily contact Jan and the team.
An-Sofie Coevoet

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