Building your own Ebb & Flow arena

At Equi-P, we believe that it should be possible for every rider to enjoy a perfect surface. That’s why you can come to us for a self-build kit that you can use to build your own Ebb and Flow arena. And in doing so,we won’t leave you to your own devices. we are there for you when you need it.

  • KIWA en VCA certified
  • 600 gram HD film
  • Up to 10,000 square metres produced in one piece
  • Opening by machine thanks to maximum tensile strength of the foil (instructions enclosed)
  • Ozone and UV resistant
  • 15-year guarantee on UV resistance
  • Exits easy to place with hot air welding machine
  • Can also be used for the construction of water storage facilities
  • Never worry about watering your horse arena
  • Very smooth
  • Limited water use
  • 80mm
  • Provided for placing in the sand
  • “Click-in” system
  • Can be laid according to instructions
  • Prefabricated according to the size of the arena
  • Own production in PPE
  • Fully automatic mechanical system
  • Can be connected to the existing water circuit
  • Plug-in system to be installed according to instructions
  • Easy to connect
  • Easy to adjust 
  • No maintenance
  • Our DIY kit is very complete. Of course, we also provide manuals, instructions and quality connection materials.

Self-building kit equestrian arena

The perfect arena sand

If required, you can also contact us for filter sand (drainage sand), equestrian sand (topsoil) and geotextile. Again, we always choose quality sand types or mixes that seamlessly fit your activities, objectives, region, horses, etc.

We guide you

Of course, at Equi-P we only want to deliver top-notch arenas, including homebuilders. That’s why we never leave you to your own devices. We support you throughout the process.

  • Our manuals explain step by step how to proceed.
  • We always come on site at least once to help you install our High Density Foil.
  • If you have questions, problems or need help interpreting technical info. Our team is just a phone call away. We are always readily available and respond to enquiries as soon as possible.
  • Is it not working? We will always be happy to visit again if you encounter problems.

You’d be surprised how many of our customers built their own beautiful horse arena. With our help, your project is sure to be a success.

What our customers say

Helping our clients keep their horses healthy and well-trained is what we do it for. Therefore, we are also very proud that they recommend us warmly.

An-Sofie Coevoet
We are very satisfied with the service of Equi-P, from advice on installation to deeper explanation on certain techniques, we could easily contact Jan and the team.
An-Sofie Coevoet
Lieven Devos
The health of our horses is of the utmost importance. That is why the surface on which they work every day is so important.
Lieven Devos
Linico Horses
Agathe Briet
After four years, I am still very happy with my ebb and flow track. The ground is resistant to all weather conditions: even when a "monsoon rain" rushes over our track, it is almost completely dry again after twenty minutes.
Agathe Briet
Elevage Des Cédres Verts
Pierre Caminel
"The construction of the arena was a real challenge for the Equi-P team: our outdoor arena is located in an area where the ground is very wet. No mean feat, but I must say that the Equi-P team clearly knows how to tackle it. The ebb and flow track has already proven its usefulness several times. If the arena is flooded, it is dry enough to ride on after an hour.
Pierre Caminel
Le Clos d’Arion
Bruno Beyne
We had decided in advance we would be wanting to have an Ebb and Flow arena built. We came into contact with Jan and his team from Equi-P. And they constructed our arena in a professional manner. Even after 5 years we are as satisfied as ever with the results!
Bruno Beyne
Veterinarian Bruno Beyne
Vincent Lambrecht
We chose an Equi-P track in function of low maintenance and the health of our horses. Our arena is still as good as it was on day 1 We are very satisfied.
Vincent Lambrecht
Stal Lambrecht

Let's discuss your project

Ready to take the plunge and construct a professional arena? We are more than happy to assist you with the entire process! Feel free to contact us to see what we can do for you.